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Arcade Fever     

The Fan's Guide to the Golden Age of Video Games
by John Sellers

John Sellers, a recovering video game junkie, writes for GQ, TV Guide, Maxim, and other national magazines. Frequently proclaiming his love for It's Your Move and the Snausages commercial, he improbably headed up the television section of Time Out New York magazine and wrote a weekly TV-themed humor column for Mr. Showbiz. He is also the author of PCAT: The Pop-Culture Aptitude Test, was a staff writer on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and once appeared on the television show That's Incredible! His high score on Donkey Kong is 266,400.

Not that you'll care, but below are a few of his articles that he actually doesn't hate. They're all from Time Out New York, because it's the only magazine he's written for that shells out for free on-line archives:

Chris Kattan  (October 1, 1998)
Mr. Show with Bob and David  (November 19, 1998)
Santa Claus  (December 17, 1998)
John Ritter  (March 25, 1999)

"Bruce Campbell Watch 1998 #1"  (April 2, 1998)
"Bruce Campbell Watch 1998 #2"  (April 30, 1998)
"Bruce Campbell Watch 1998 #3"  (June 4, 1998)
"Bruce Campbell Watch 1998 #4"  (July 2, 1998)
"Bye-bye, Bruce baby!"  (August 6, 1998)
"Bruce Campbell Watch 2000"  (June 1, 2000)

"Selling Jose Cruz"  (January 17, 1996)
"Finding Fat Albert"  (July 10, 1996)
"Cinema Nudite"  (March 5, 1998)
"Going back to Cali"  (August 20, 1998)
"The Phantom Jar-Jar"  (April 6, 2000)

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